The creation and growth of Bitcoin provides us with the ultimate example of how to create a viable cryptocurrency economic system.

If you want to understand how and why cryptocurrency economic systems become and remain viable this is the resource to help jumpstart your knowledge.

What is this book about?

This book is designed to dispel myths about cryptocurrency. It is an enabling knowledge base that provides the direct path to how a viable cryptocurrency is built.

Some of what you will learn...

  • How Bitcoin started and why it remains at the top

  • The critical elements of a successful cryptocurrency and why they are so important

  • Why some cryptocurrency projects flourish and why others fail

  • Where does a cryptocurrency get its value and how to assess that value

  • Why so many different cryptocurrencies exist and why many more are still to come

Transform your understanding of cryptocurrency with this valuable resource


The content contained in this book has never been assembled this way before. Information about the subject of successful cryptocurrency creation was sparse at best, until now!

About the author

Steven Dryall

Authour, Speaker, Founder

My name is Steven Dryall, I have been in the cryptocurrency since its infancy. I made a conscious decision to participate in the emerging digital economy and have learned a lot along the way.

I have also become frustrated with the lack of quality information on the subject of viable cryptocurrency ecosystems. There is so much information that is plain wrong and unless that changes the progression of cryptocurrency is slowed.

In this book, you will find A LOT of high-quality information, I hope. In sharing it with others I also hope to raise the state of the industry and improve the digital economy overall.

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Some words on the eBook

  • Steven has the best understanding of digital economics that I have ever seen.

    - Conference Attendee

  • I have heard so many people talk about doing it but I have never heard someone tell how it is done.

    - Conference Attendee

  • The Three Pillars is the most valuable way of looking at cryptocurrency that I have ever come across.

    - Conference Attendee

  • I did not realize cryptocurrency economics worked the way they do. This information saved me endless hours of mistakes.

    - Conference Attendee

  • I would like to see this information used as a standard for learning about cryptocurrency.

    - Conference Attendee

About the Author

My name is Steven Dryall and I have been involved with the cryptocurrency industry since its infancy. I have created viable cryptocurrency ecosystems that are still operational. I have spoken on the subject of cryptocurrency internationally. I have taught blockchain development at college. I am published in books about finance.

I have taken my knowledge and experience of cryptocurrency creation and assembled a system for cryptocurrency clarification that can be learned by anyone.

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